Col. Ah Ahli: ‘If He Had Gone To Okuama Being Armed, He Would Have Erased Everybody’ – Gen Musa

Col. Ah Ahli: ‘If He Had Gone To Okuama Being Armed, He Would Have Erased Everybody’ – Gen Musa

The Chief of Defence Staff, General Christopher Gwabin Musa has alleged that if the commanding officer of the 181 Amphibious troops, Colonel Ah Ali had gone to Okuama being fully armed he would have erased everybody. He stated that the commanding officer, assessing the perceived threat level, opted for a non-confrontational approach, intending to engage in dialogue with the individuals involved.

He addressed criticisms regarding the military’s presence in Okuama, asserting that once deployed on a mission, they are empowered to apprehend criminals within the designated area. He clarified the nature of Joint Task Force Operations, which involve collaboration among various branches of the armed forces, including the Army, Navy, and Air Force, as well as other security agencies.

He said in an interview with Arise TV, ”When you have a Joint Task Force Operation, it involves members of the Armed Forces, the Army, Navy, Air Force and we have the police, the DSS and every other security agency are part of it. It’s not like the Army is taking laws into their hands. I have heard comments about what were the military doing in that place.

Once we are deployed on operation, we have the right and mandate to arrest all criminals within that area. So the 181 amphibious battalion troops were there doing their legal operation. And it was because the commanding officer felt the threat was not that high, that was why he went there and felt he could discuss it with the individual. If he had gone to Okuama being armed, he would have erased everybody. But he felt these were people he knew, these were Nigerians that he could talk to. And when he stepped up to talk to them with his team, they were rounded up and all shot.”

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  1. Erect a military base in Okuama to serve as memorial to the fallen heroes. Teach your men to be military at all times. Democratized military is a weak military. Teach them never to engage nor support any oil bunkerer no matter how connected. Killing of our military men who defend our territory is a grave offense that they must pay for.

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