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TC Virus Biography

TC Virus Biography: TC Okafor, known to many as TC Virus, is a multifaceted talent hailing from Nigeria, where he has made his mark as both a Nollywood actor and a versatile artist in the music industry. Born on December 25, he goes by the name Tochukwu Okafor in real life, embodying the duality of his creative persona.

In the realm of Nollywood, TC Okafor has carved out a niche for himself, captivating audiences with his performances on the silver screen. His presence in the industry is synonymous with quality entertainment and memorable characters, earning him recognition and admiration from fans and peers alike.

Beyond his exploits in acting, TC Okafor expands his artistic horizons under the moniker TC Virus. As a singer, rapper, and musician, he channels his passion for music into a dynamic blend of genres, showcasing his versatility and creativity as an artist.

The distinction between TC Okafor and TC Virus reflects the breadth of his talents and the depth of his artistic expression. While TC Okafor commands the stage in Nollywood, TC Virus takes center stage in the world of music, each persona contributing to the vibrant tapestry of TC Okafor’s identity.

Wiki Data – TC Virus Biography

Name: Tochukwu Okafor

Birth date: 25 December

Birthplace: Enugu State, Nigeria.

Occupation: Actor, Singer and Rapper

Religion: Christianity

Spouse: N/A

Children: One Daughter

Awards: N/A

Net Worth: $250,000

Early Life – TC Virus Biography

Tochukwu Okafor fondly referred to as TC Okafor, entered this world on December 25, marking his birth amidst the festive season. As he navigates through his early 30s, TC Okafor continues to leave his mark on the Nigerian entertainment scene, captivating audiences with his talent and charisma.

Hailing from the vibrant state of Enugu in Nigeria, TC Okafor Virus embodies the rich cultural heritage and creative spirit of his homeland. Enugu, known for its thriving arts and entertainment scene, has undoubtedly played a significant role in shaping TC Okafor’s artistic journey, providing him with inspiration and a sense of identity that permeates his work.

For TC Okafor, his roots in Enugu serve as a source of pride and a driving force behind his artistic endeavors. From the bustling streets of the city to the serene landscapes of the countryside, Enugu’s influence can be felt in the music he creates and the characters he brings to life on screen.

As TC Okafor continues to evolve as an artist and entertainer, his connection to Enugu remains a cornerstone of his identity, grounding him in his heritage while propelling him forward on his path to success. With each new project and performance, he pays homage to his roots, ensuring that his journey remains deeply rooted in the cultural tapestry of Enugu and Nigeria as a whole.

Education – TC Virus Biography

His educational background is unknown at this time

Career – TC Virus Biography

With a career spanning over seven years, TC Okafor Virus has firmly established himself as a prominent figure in the Nigerian entertainment industry. His journey in Nollywood began around 2012, marking the inception of a captivating career that continues to evolve and thrive.

In recent times, TC Virus Okafor’s presence in Nollywood has been impossible to ignore, thanks to his unique and eccentric personality. Sporting unconventional attire and boasting an array of tattoos adorning his body, TC Okafor Virus exudes an aura of individuality that sets him apart from the crowd. His penchant for portraying bad boy roles further adds to his allure, as he brings depth and authenticity to each character he embodies on screen.

TC Okafor’s versatility extends beyond the realm of acting, as he seamlessly transitions into other facets of the entertainment industry. From singing to music production and live performances, he leverages his multifaceted talents to diversify his income streams and solidify his status as a true entertainer.


Throughout his career, TC Okafor has graced the silver screen in numerous Nollywood productions, leaving an indelible mark with his memorable performances. With each role he takes on, he showcases his range and versatility as an actor, captivating audiences with his talent and charisma.

As TC Okafor Virus continues to make waves in Nollywood and beyond, his journey serves as a testament to the power of authenticity and individuality in the entertainment industry.

Age – TC Virus Biography

While specific details about his age remain shrouded in mystery, TC Okafor’s birth date is December 25th, marking him as a Christmas baby.

As he traverses through his early 30s, TC Okafor continues to captivate audiences with his talent and charisma, leaving an indelible mark on the Nigerian entertainment scene.

Filmography – TC Virus Biography

  • Lost Pride,
  • The Ghetto Legends,
  • Sugar Rush,
  • Street Of Canaan,
  • My American Son,
  • Armageddon,
  • Billionaire Brothers,
  • Ghetto President,
  • My Woman My Waist,
  • Obele Chukwu (Odumeje).

Wife – TC Virus Biography

TC Okafor Virus’s personal life remains relatively private, as he chooses not to publicly showcase his romantic relationships on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

Despite his discretion, it is known that TC Okafor is not married, yet he shares a child with his partner, commonly referred to as his baby mama.

Personal Life – TC Virus Biography

Tochukwu TC Okafor embraced fatherhood with the arrival of his daughter in 2022, marking a significant milestone in his journey. Welcoming the precious addition to his family with his girlfriend, TC Okafor embarked on a new chapter filled with love, joy, and responsibility.

While he may be known for his talents in the entertainment industry, his role as a father undoubtedly holds a special place in his heart, shaping his priorities and guiding his actions.

Awards – TC Virus Biography

He doesn’t have any awards yet.

Net Worth – TC Virus Biography

He has an estimated net worth of $250,000.

Conclusion – TC Virus Biography

As he continues to navigate the intricacies of both the entertainment and music industries, TC Okafor remains a shining example of talent and versatility, leaving an indelible mark on the cultural landscape of Nigeria and beyond. With his boundless creativity and unwavering dedication to his craft, the future holds endless possibilities for this remarkable artist.

With his undeniable talent and unwavering commitment to his craft, he is poised to leave a lasting legacy that will resonate with audiences for years to come.

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