Why being born again isn’t an express ticket to heaven – Pastor Yul Edochie


Pastor Yul Edochie discusses what it means to be a Christian as he speaks on the right way to live as a true born again.

The actor turned pastor stated that being born again doesn’t guarantee that a person would go to heaven.

Actor, Yul Edochie. Photo Source: Instagram.

He said that a lot of people are born again but still still evil at heart.

He urged people to live a life of love and fairness towards others as true Christians.

He ultimately requested that people be good people to their fellow humans.

He wrote:

“Being born again is not an express ticket to Heaven.

Many born again Christians have the most wicked hearts you can ever find on earth.

My God says; embrace love.

Free your heart of wickedness & hate. Love everyone, wether they’re Christians or not.

Be fair & just in your dealings.

Bear no grudges.

Spread love & kindness.

Treat everyone equally.

Let your presence bring light into people’s lives.

Be a good person.


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vivianmazhey said: “I learnt a lot from May her presence brought light to my life”

samial_tom said: “Tell me… the woman who knew the man is married with 4 children went on having an affair with the man what name do you think she deserves”

joan.bi.1000 said: “Before all this talk you need to sign divorce papers plus practice what you preach. Do not commit adultery”

dr_success_john said: “Gbam exactly my points”

judy_obasiyul_autism said: “Queen May is never looking back. She left all the loads behind.”

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