Alibaba floors man who claims marrying a virgin equals to a successful marriage


Nigerian comedian, Alibaba, sends shocking response to man who alluded marrying a virgin to having a successful marriage.

The man had written a list of things which he believes are the associated benefits of marriage.

The man wrote;

“Advantages of marrying a virgin:
1. No dirty past & trauma.
2. Has a high possibility to love.
3. You get to be the first in everything.
4. Less of a chance for her che ting on you.
5. You know her past (which is non existing).
6. Higher possibility for a successful marriage.”

However, this particular message did not align with the comedian, who corrected the blanket narrative and stated it wasn’t always roses in a marriage based off virginity alone.

Nigerian comedian, Alibaba.

The comedian shared some stories of some acquaintances who married virgins and didn’t have a good marriage as expected.

He said;

“My friend’s brother married a virgin… 2004… she stabbed in to death, 2006, because she thought he was cheating on her. Let’s be careful with the blanket profiling… many have come. Oh, one guy married a virgin. 22 or 23 years after… no fruit of the womb. The lady he left for the virgin is in Houston doing Omugwuo. In the last story, a guy went into the village of Arondizogwu, man goes to the village, marries an 18-year-old virgin, lady comes to Lagos, 4 years later, her first 2 children belong to the neighbour’s security man.”

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