UNIMAID Student Assaults Female Colleague Over Rejected Love Proposal

A student from the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Maiduguri (Unimaid), Saleem Ibrahim, has been arrested for attacking Hauwa Abatcha Ngala, a student of the College of Nursing Sciences, Maiduguri.

Naija News reports that the attack, which occurred on Monday, February 26, 2024, around 8:30 pm, was reportedly triggered by Ngala’s rejection of Ibrahim’s romantic advances.

Zagazola Makama, a renowned counter-insurgency expert and security analyst in Lake Chad, disclosed the details of the incident on his X handle on Friday.

According to Makama, Ibrahim had been persistently trying to coerce Ngala into accepting his love proposal for some time.

Despite Ngala’s clear lack of interest and efforts to distance herself from his unwelcome behaviour, Ibrahim allegedly escalated the situation with threats of grave consequences if she did not reciprocate his feelings.

“I can even kill you, and nothing will happen,” he reportedly warned.

The situation took a violent turn when Ibrahim physically assaulted Ngala with a club, striking her twice until she lost consciousness, all because she refused to enter into a relationship with him.

Following the attack, Ibrahim fled the scene, leaving Ngala in a critical state.

With prompt intervention from Ngala’s relatives, she was able to survive the ordeal and received emergency medical assistance after the incident was reported to the police that same night.

In a swift response to the report, civilian volunteers from the Joint Task Force (JTF) apprehended Ibrahim and handed him over to the authorities at the Gomari Division Office.

The University of Maiduguri and the College of Nursing Sciences, Maiduguri, have yet to issue official statements regarding the incident.

The case is currently under police investigation, and many are calling for strict action to be taken against the perpetrator to serve as a deterrent to others.

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