Russia spreads its military influence to another African country

With Russia’s stated interest in the African market, more countries on the continent are beginning to gravitate towards partnering with the Asian giant. This time it is the Central African nation of São Tomé and Príncipe, that have decided to enter a military partnership with Russia. Very recently, there has been an influx of Russian deals in Africa, including economic and military partnerships. This seems to be coming at the expense of Western influence on the continent.

Over the last few months, Russia has made several plays on the African market. Given its growing popularity in the region, Russia has decided to go on a campaign to strengthen its presence on the mother continent, via initiatives and partnerships

Some of these partnerships are not only economical but also martial. While Russia is conscious of the economic significance of Africa given its vast human and natural resources, it has also decided to strengthen its military influence on the continent.

Very recently, it decided to partner with another African country, one that is largely reserved. A report by the Russian newspaper Sputnik revealed that Russia recently signed a deal with the Central African nation; São Tomé and Príncipe.

The report notes that both governments have agreed to cooperate militarily. “The present agreement is concluded for an indefinite period of time,” the text of the agreement reads.

According to the agreement, the two sides have agreed to cooperate in the following areas: joint troop training, armed forces recruitment, the use of weapons and military equipment, logistics, the exchange of experience and information in the context of countering extremism and international terrorism, and personnel education and training.

This is hardly Russia’s first military push on the continent. As recently as Friday, 3rd of May, Russian troops arrived in Niger, ahead of the exit of the US troops that had been stationed in the country.

As reported, US Officials revealed that Russian military personnel made their way to an airbase in Niger that hosts US forces, following the recent decision by Niger’s leadership to expel the 1000 US troops stationed in the country.

Russia had also earlier in April deployed military instructors and personnel from Russia’s defense ministry to train Nigerien soldiers and set up an air defense system in the country.

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