The US scraps with Russia to retain influence over another African country

The United States of America is attempting to sway Zimbabwe from joining forces with Russia, according to Russian Ambassador to Zimbabwe Nikolay Krasilnikov. The ambassador made this known during an interview with the Russian news publication Sputnik. He noted that despite the pressure from the US, Zimbabwe remains committed to bolstering its relationship with Russia.

During the interview, the ambassador mentioned the contentious visit of “a fairly representative delegation of African-American businessmen,” which happened despite the controversy surrounding the removal of USAID representatives from Zimbabwe.

He indicated that the delegation was warmly greeted and that preparations were made to arrange $500 million in investments, with the United States aiming to establish a biotechnology institute in Zimbabwe, pointing to the competition both nations are in for Zimbabwe’s partnership.

“If we do not occupy the niches in the Zimbabwean economy that we can still occupy, the Americans will occupy them,” Nikolay Krasilnikov stated.

He noted that Russia and China are valued partners in the Southern African nation and look forward to building upon their already-established relationship.

“Contrary to attempts to put pressure on Zimbabwe, attempts that are taking place on the part of Western countries, including the Americans … Zimbabweans not only do not give up their intentions to cooperate but are ready to increase interaction, they are interested in our investments, in our technologies. They are open to partnership,” the ambassador stated.

Upon addressing potential opportunities for collaboration between Moscow and Harare, Ambassador Krasilnikov mentioned Zimbabwe’s interest in Russian business, technology, and collaboration in the field of socioeconomic development.

“Zimbabweans are interested in our investments, in our technologies in various areas of socio-economic development. They are very interested in our business,” he said.

The head of information and publicity for Zimbabwe’s ruling Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front party, Farai Muroiwa Marapira, told Sputnik earlier that his country, Zimbabwe, is pleased with the arrest and deportation of the unlawful US operatives who allegedly came to have secret meetings.

Very recently, Zimbabwe’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Frederick Shava told Sputnik that the country is interested in joining the BRICS group of nations. He noted that Zimbabwe was counting on Russia’s support for admission.

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