Next Operation Against Israel Will Be Much Bigger- Iran’s Chief of Staff Declares, Warns US

Next Operation Against Israel Will Be Much Bigger- Iran’s Chief of Staff Declares, Warns US

In a stark warning to the United States, Iran’s Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, Sardar Bagheri, delivered a message through the Swiss embassy, cautioning Washington against potential collaboration with Israel in any forthcoming actions.

According to CNN, Bagheri’s words resonated with a clear undertone of deterrence, indicating that US bases would face grave insecurity and would be met with decisive action if they aligned with Israel.

Addressing the recent military dynamics in the region, Bagheri asserted that, from Iran’s perspective, the military engagement targeting Israel had reached its conclusion.

However, he underscored the readiness of the Iranian armed forces to respond if circumstances necessitated, maintaining a vigilant stance against any potential threats to Iranian interests.

In a televised interview on state IRINN TV, Bagheri elaborated on Iran’s stance, highlighting the nation’s preparedness to escalate its response if provoked by Israel or its allies.

“If the Zionist regime responds, our next operation will be much bigger,” Bagheri cautioned, using the term “Zionist regime” as a pointed reference to Israel.

This robust rhetoric underscores Iran’s firm commitment to defending its sovereignty and interests in the face of perceived provocations.

Bagheri also alluded to the recent escalation triggered by an April 1st strike by Israel, which targeted an Iranian consulate building in Damascus, the capital of Syria.

Iranian authorities have unequivocally linked the recent strikes to retaliation for this earlier attack, which resulted in the destruction of the consulate building and claimed the lives of several Iranian officials, including high-ranking Revolutionary Guards commander Mohammed Reza Zahedi.

The nature of the strike and its aftermath have been subjects of contention between Iran and Israel, with conflicting narratives emerging from both sides.

While Iran has condemned the attack as a blatant act of aggression, Israel has maintained that the targeted building was not a consulate but rather a military facility belonging to the Quds Force, a branch of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

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