Kaduna State Governor is the Most Overburdened Governor in Nigeria – Mahdi Shehu

Mahdi Shehu, a human rights activist, has shed light on the significant challenges facing Governor Uba Sani, positioning him as one of the most overburdened governors in Nigeria, second only to that of Kano. Inheriting a staggering foreign debt of $587 million (approximately N850 billion) and local debts exceeding N250 billion.

In a post made available on his verified X handle, formerly known as Twitter, the state grapples with uncompleted projects requiring over N1 trillion to finish, compounded by shrinking revenue due to escalating insecurity.

Despite these formidable obstacles, Shehu noted that, Governor Sani did not inherit traits such as arrogance, broken promises, vindictiveness, insensitivity, or a know-it-all attitude from his predecessors.

Instead, Governor Sani is described as possessing a consultative nature, receptive listening skills, compassion, and a commitment to teamwork. Shehu expresses optimism about Governor Sani’s potential to navigate the challenges ahead, despite the landmines scattered around him.

While the road ahead may be thorny and bumpy, Shehu extends well wishes to Governor Sani, urging him to persevere in his endeavors. This recognition of the governor’s Herculean task serves as a call to action for stakeholders to support him in his efforts to steer the state towards prosperity.

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