Constitute Panel, Go After El-Rufai – Shehu Sani To Kaduna Govt

Former Kaduna Central Senator, Shehu Sani has called on the Kaduna State government to initiate a thorough investigation into the administration of ex-governor Nasir El-Rufai, particularly concerning the state’s significant debt profile.

Governor Uba Sani, who recently disclosed inheriting a substantial debt amounting to $587 million, N85 billion, and 115 contractual obligations from El-Rufai’s tenure, has faced challenges, including the payment of workers’ salaries due to the financial strain.

Naija News reports that Shehu Sani, via a post on X on Monday, urged the new state government to form an independent probe panel. Sani suggests that this panel should be led by a professional accountant or auditor and tasked with investigating the actions of former government officials and their associated contractors.

The aim would be to scrutinize the handling of significant funds, including a $350 million loan, to determine if there were any misappropriations or thefts.

“The looting of Kaduna State cannot be remedied by revelations alone but by courageously constituting a probe panel…to account for the millions in dollars and billions in Naira that were misused or outrightly stolen,” Sani stated.

Naija News recalls that Governor Sani revealed during a town hall meeting that the huge debt profile has made it difficult for him to pay workers’ salaries.

The governor had claimed that he inherited a debt burden of $587 million, N85 billion and 115 contractual liabilities from the El-Rufai administration.

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