“Good life sweet” – Man shares father’s reaction as he opens door with card for first time


A man has shared her father’s hilarious reaction as he opens an electronic door with a key card for the first time.

They apparently took the elderly man to his hotel suite and gave him a card with which he would use to open the door.

Elderly man.

He hadn’t used such for the first time, so that when he swiped the card on the key card door lock, the door popped open, causing him to be surprised.

The man got into the room and told his children goodnight, while still sporting a big smile.

Read some comments below:

Donwizlord said:
chai chineke, Good life sweet”

Kutthroat Bill remarked: “May all parents enjoy the fruits of they labour ”

sabinus _saboc001 said: “he come mistakenly forget how to open the door from inside”

big bag azaman stated: “your Dad once legend like mine ”

SIRE BILLS said: “exactly what I’ll have done for my Dad and bought his dream car, but he’s gone to meet with his maker. may God bless you bro for making him happy”

peter ifeanyi said: “your man is having a great time”

Watch the video below:


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