“I have not experienced this before” – Lady shares ordeal with elderly beggar

A Nigerian lady has shared a video of an elderly beggar who boldly asked her friend to change the money she gave him.

The lady identified as @zhuleeqah on TikTok revealed that her friend had given a beggar money only for him to return it and ask her to change it.

According to her, the beggar asked her friend to change the N100 she gave him because it was a little bit torn.

She added that her friend didn’t even know that the N100 was torn because she had just collected it from someone.

The lady wrote; “So my friend gave this man #100 not knowing his turn after 5min he came back and asked her to change it where’s the world going have not experienced this before.”

Netizens reacting in the comment section said the lady could have collected the money and ignored him.

BELLACASHY said: “You go collect ham back and tell ham say another day.”

Anikeade said: “The man enh if you no give him money ajeh he go dey curse perosn nii! If I Dey with you that time I won’t allow you to give him.”

Issyclothings said: “People still they give road beggers money una get mind I swear.”

Foodstuffs_store_in_ibadan said: “Hope she didn’t collect it back sha.”

@salimetoo9 said: “Just collect am back n windup he go learn lesson.”

ROGAD said: “I will just collect it and windup.”

USer6464459630981 said: “Collect from him and never give him Another.”

@softiesoftie483 said: “Na juju ooo no collect the money ooo.”

Uyai reacted: “Tell him to throw it away and whine up.”

@paapzysinzu said: “No be the man fault. #10, #20, #50 and even #100 is joining soon because you can’t buy anything with them.”

Omojasola reacted: “Collect it and let him go period and don’t add that money to your money Na trick.”

Watch the video below:

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