11 Traits of Mysterious Men That Make Them Incredibly Attractive

A man of mystery is always irresistible.

The secrets of attraction have been studied by scientists, philosophers, psychologists, and anthropologists. While their approaches may vary, they’re all seeking a deeper understanding of how desire works.

What’s attractive to one person might not be attractive to another, but there’s one personality type that always leaves us wanting more. Showing your more mysterious side makes you alluring, captivating the attention of everyone around you.

Here are 11 traits of mysterious men that make them incredibly attractive:

1. They don’t reveal everything at once

Mysterious men know that part of holding someone’s interest is to keep some cards close to their chest.

They know how to be open and vulnerable, and they’ll definitely share those parts of themselves with you, but they also know how to move at just the right pace: Not too fast and not too slow.

They might not let you see all of themselves right away, but the slow burn of getting to know them better is well worth the wait.

2. They’re surprisingly romantic

A mysterious man knows how powerful a sweeping romantic gesture can be, and he’s not afraid to show you how much he cares.

If you’re with a mysterious man, be prepared for surprises, both big and small. He might make hush-hush reservations at your favorite restaurant or make you breakfast in bed.

11 Traits Of Mysterious Men That Make Them Incredibly Attractive

He knows that actions are important, so he’ll follow through on what he says he’ll do. He also knows that words matter, and he won’t hesitate to tell you just what he loves about you.

3. They use subtle eye contact and body language

It might seem hard to tell if a mysterious man is into you. The vibes are definitely there, but he hasn’t made any direct moves.

Mysterious men are never too overt. Instead, they use subtle movements to pique your interest.

A mysterious man will let his hand slide against yours, but only for a few seconds. He’ll gaze into your eyes, then look away, smiling. He knows just what to do to capture your attention and make you feel like the only woman in the room.

4. They’re confident, not arrogant

There’s a thin line between being confident and being, well, too confident. Mysterious men know exactly which side of the line to fall on. They give off an aura of self-confidence in a way that makes you want to get closer to them, but they don’t brag about themselves or put other people down.

11 Traits Of Mysterious Men That Make Them Incredibly Attractive

A mysterious man’s confidence comes from within. He doesn’t rely on other people’s opinions to boost his sense of self-worth, which is the most attractive trait of all.

5. They know how to stay calm

Mysterious men are the definition of cool, calm, and collected. They’re not overly reactive, meaning that they don’t get agitated easily. Their tranquil composure sets them apart from other men, letting you know you can rely on them.

Even in tense situations, they project a soothing aura that everything will ultimately be okay. No man is an island, but a mysterious man is a rock: immovable in his sense of inner peace.

6. They’re independent

A mysterious man has a strong sense of self, one that they cultivate by knowing exactly how to meet their own needs. Sometimes, they need to do their own thing, and they always give you the space you need for yourself, too.

Their independence is sacred to them, in part because they know that being alone strengthens any romantic relationship. Taking space apart from each other makes the time you spend together totally electric.

7. They have unique interests

Mysterious men live for themselves, which means they don’t shy away from taking risks. They take their hobbies seriously and are always up for learning new skills.

Maybe your mysterious man is teaching himself woodworking, perfecting a family recipe, or reading every book about exploring Antarctica that he can get his hands on. Whatever his thing is, a mysterious man will devote himself to whatever subject he’s interested in.

8. They share stories that leave you wanting more

Mysterious men know how to pull you in and keep you on the edge of your seat. They’re full of exciting stories.

11 Traits Of Mysterious Men That Make Them Incredibly Attractive

They share intriguing details about their lives without saying too much.

9. They listen more than they speak

Even though a mysterious man could tell stories for days, he knows that being a good listener is just as important.

Mysterious men often show their strong, silent side by listening more than they speak. They give you the space within a conversation to really take the reins and share yourself with them, too.

10. They ask thoughtful questions

Even when he’s quiet, you’ll know a mysterious man is giving you his full attention because he asks you questions that dive deep into the topic at hand. He’s genuinely interested in what you say, and he shows you how much he cares by asking considerate questions that keep the conversation moving.

11. They don’t rush into anything

Along with being calm at their core, mysterious men are patient. They don’t make impulsive decisions. Instead, they weigh their options carefully and go with the choice that speaks to their heart.

Mysterious men value taking their time to get to know you because they know that personality matters just as much as your physical appearance.

According to a Forbes Health poll about dating trends, 50% of respondents reported that looks and personality were equally important in finding a partner. A mysterious man knows that beauty is based on so much more than appearance alone, which is why they revel in learning who you really are.

It might seem like they move slowly, but mysterious men know that good things come to those who wait. They’re always willing to let their future unfold in its own time and go along for the ride.

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