“You disappoint me” – Portable calls out ‘wife’ Queen Dami for refusing to have his baby

Nigerian singer Portable has chastised Queen Dami, whom he regards as his wife, for not bearing him a child.

The entertainer expressed sadness, saying that Dami, the late Alaafin of Oyo’s widow, is the only one of his “wives” who has not yet given birth.

In the Instagram comment section of her most recent photo, Portable criticised her and questioned why she was so certain of her choice.

Queen Dami encouraged him to carry on with his questions, and Portable disclosed that she is annoyed that he welcomes a new child every year with something fresh, and she does not want to be one of his baby mothers.

In addition, he mentioned that Dami resides in his home, but he believes she is still curious about the outside world. Even after he showed her affection and looked after the late monarch’s wife when everyone else deserted her, Portable could not figure out why she was still refusing his request.

Portable wrote; “Na only you no get belle among all my wife. Am responsible for you but you fail me. Why you no gree get belle for me ??? Why ?????

You say I dey born Pikin every year why you no gree born for me. I take care of you when nobody is there for you. Na my house you dey but outside still dey your face. You disappoint me. I show you love”.

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