Wizkid used to be a more than a studio rat before Banky W signed him – Baba Dee

“Wizkid used to be a more than a studio rat before Banky W signed him.

Soundsultan proposed we sign him but I refused and I regrét it because today, he has achieved what no African artiste has ever achieved.” Baba Dee

“I remember when Wizkid used to come to the studio when I was with OGB. OGB always told me that Wizkid was good but I would just laugh and pass on. But today Wizkid has been able to achieve what no Nigerian artist nor any African artist has ever achieved. Wizkid was more than just a studio rat because he was begging for free studio sessions all the time and he was a cool guy. Even then, Wizkid was a cool guy who strived off in sîlence. Seeing him around all the time made me see his dedication towards his music. I would’ve signed Wizkid because Soundsultan proposed that we sign him but I refused. Then Banky W came and signed him and I regrét not signing Wizkid. So everybody is gonna have their own time to shine and then the next generation will come in but we shouldn’t be beefîng with the next because the next generation will still show up.if you didn’t show up.” Baba Dee

No one ever got it easy, it requires more than just talent to be a successful artist. It’s all hardwork because even as talented as Wizkid is he had to push so hard to get to the top

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