Why Hugging Is Important in Marriage

1. Hugging is a non-sexual physical expression of love. You need this because marriage is more than sex

2. Hugging makes your spouse feel welcome to your space.

3. Hugging can lead to an emotional release. It is a therapeutic experience.

4. Hugging is a good way to receive each other back home after a day of being apart. Leaving the house and coming back home safely is a miracle you should never take for granted.

5. Hugging your spouse in public shows you are proud of your spouse.

6. Hugging your spouse affirms to your spouse you two are emotionally close. When there is an emotional rift between you two, you will find it difficult to hug.

7. Hugging is a good way to resolve conflict after you two have talked things out.

8. Hugging makes you both feel loved. There are some people in this world longing for a hug, don’t let your spouse be one of them.

9. Hugging breaks down the rigid walls created by trauma or by an upbringing that lacked affection.

10. Hugging in front of the children normalizes being vulnerable in the family. Children exposed to love grow up confident to express love.

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