Why Candidates Are Being Imposed In APC

A former National Vice Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Salihu Lukman, has narrated why the imposition of candidates is common in the party.

In a statement on Sunday, Lukman said candidate imposition is common in the APC because party organs are not meeting.

As a solution, he called for regular meetings of the party’s organs so that duly elected candidates could emerge through due processes.

He said, “The whole issue of activating all party structures and making them functional in line with provisions of the APC Constitution must be guaranteed.

“Once APC, being the ruling party, can operate based on provisions of its Constitution, the campaign to reform Nigerian politics and expand democratic space will be made much easier.

“If organs of the party are meeting regularly, problems of impositions of candidates will be minimised.

“In any case, issues leading to imposition of candidates are made possible and stronger because organs of the party vested with the responsibility of decisions regarding party primary are undermined.

“Consequently, party stakeholders who should have a say in decisions that can guarantee free and fair primary are marginalised.

“As much as party organs are meeting as prescribed by the party Constitution, incidences of imposition will be minimised.”

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