“Which one is national anthem s3x style again” – Social media users ask as leaked video of VeryDarkMan surfaces where he begs money for s3x

BlessingCEO has dropped another missile against her infamous enemy, VeryDarkMan via her instagram page where he was seen marketing his sex skills for money on a pornsite.

This came as a counter-attack to the rants VDM recently made against Nigeria’s popular transgender, Bobrisky.

VeryDarkMan made series of videos calling on the Nigerian government to arrest Bobrisky because she violated the anti-gay laws of the country. He demands that she be thrown into prison as she is a negative influence on the younger generation if left unpunished.

While he may be right, netizens in a bid to preach the ‘live and let’s live’ mantra, dug up his own filthy past which gives credibility to the pot-calling-kettle-black adage. VDM’s sex tapes and nude raunchy videos of him prostituting were leaked online of which BlessingCEO’s was one.

In this particular video, he was shown saying,

“I’m broke oo, all the people that were offering money for s3x, please come. My di.ck is hard. Even though your pvssy is not wet, just come. If I put it, it will wet. Which style do you want, do you want do.ggy style, do you want perch in the wall, do you want national anthem. Come I’m here.”

@lookinformercy comments

He is advocating for Bobrisky to be arrested cause of his bad influence. We should also advocate for vdm to be arrested. Mehn this is a nuisance to the society. Should other children emulate this too,??


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