WhatsApp Services Restored After Global Outage

Popular instant messaging app WhatsApp, owned by Meta, has successfully restored its services following a global outage that affected millions of its users worldwide.

Naija News reports that the disruption, which impeded users’ ability to send or receive messages, was first detected a few minutes past 7 pm on Wednesday, leading to widespread concern among its extensive user base.

The outage was not limited to a specific region but was reported globally, with international news outlets such as The Jerusalem Express and the Indian Post highlighting the issue.

The problem affected WhatsApp users on both mobile devices and the WhatsApp Web platform, causing significant inconvenience.

In response to the service disruption, WhatsApp released a statement on Wednesday evening acknowledging the network glitch.

The company reassured users that efforts were being made to ensure the complete restoration of its services.

“We know some people are experiencing issues right now; we’re working on getting things back to 100% for everyone as quickly as possible,” the statement read.

By the time of this report, WhatsApp confirmed that its services had been fully restored, allowing users to resume normal communication.

The swift resolution of the outage has been met with relief by the app’s millions of users, who rely on WhatsApp for personal and professional communication daily.

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