“U get sense oh” – Smart lady uses N250k given to her for wig to buy yams for her roadside business (Watch)

A young smart lady, who sells local fried foods, has wisely used money meant for expensive wig to invest into her business, sparking discussions online.

The young lady, identified as @sexyakarafryer on TikTok, took to her social media page as she revealed that she used her N250k wig to buy tubers of yams and other things for her roadside frying business.

A video she shared on TikTok showed where she poured the yam and was dancing in happiness. A 25litres of vegetable oil were placed in front of the tubers.

In a follow-up video, the young lady could be seen on her two kneels, praying to God to bless her investment so that it will yield millions in the next few months.

The video was captioned, “”N250k was given to you for wig, you decided to use it to buy your goods. In two weeks’ time, the money will multiply. Then, you will buy the wig and still have extra N250k.”

The video quickly gained tractions online as commenters who saw the video said she did the right thing and called her a wise woman.

Watch the video below:

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