Top 10 Most Watched Football Leagues In the World

Football is the most popular sport in the entire world. It attracts huge crowds within the stadium as well as a global audience via live broadcasting and streaming. The sport is extremely popular, with over 200 countries participating as a major sport. Because of the caliber of their players and teams, several of the world’s highest-profile league events attract a large audience. If you’re eager to know all the information related to the Top 10 most-watched football Leagues In the World so continue reading this segment.

Football is a much-watched game in the world, it is watched not only inside the stadium but also through live broadcasts and streaming. The game is extremely popular, as more than 200 countries play it as their major game.

Ranking League Name
1 Premier League
2 La Liga
3 Ligue 1
4 Liga MX Apertura
5 Serie A
6 Major League Soccer
7 Bundesliga
8 Brasileiro Serie A
9 Eredivisie
10 Super League

1. Premier League

Premier League is the top-level league system of the English football league system, founded on 20 February 1992, 31 years ago. In the league system total of 20 teams contested. Manchester United is the current and most champion of the Premier League. The league enjoyed 38,181 fans in attendance, 643 million viewers every game, and a global television audience of approximately 3.2 billion people. Manchester United is the only team to have won the competition 20 times.

2. La Liga

La Liga

La Liga is the men’s top-level football division of the Spanish football league system. Its club was first founded 95 years ago in 1929. In this league total of 20 teams contested. Los Blancos are the league’s most successful club, having won it 34 times. Atletico Madrid is the defending champs, with 76 million viewers per game last season. Barcelona is the current champion of the club with 27 titles. La Liga’s current champion is Real Madrid with a total of 35 titles.

3. Ligue 1

Ligue 1

Ligue 1 club is the French highest-level men’s association football league, founded 94 years ago in 1930. Paris Saint-German is the current champion of this league system with the 11th title. LOSC Lille is the reigning champion, having won the title the previous season. The average stadium attendance is 22,484, with 10.5 million viewers watching each game globally. Since the arrival of Lionel Messi, the ratings have risen.

4. Liga MX Apertura

Liga MX Apertura

Liga MX is the professional football division in Mexico, founded 81 years ago in 1943 as Primera Division. América is the current champion of this league with the 14th title. The Liga MX Apertura, Mexico’s top division, is the strongest football league in North America. In terms of playability, it is quite similar to Spain and Brazil.

5. Italian Serie A

Italian Serie A

Famous clubs in the Italian league system include AC Milan, Inter Milan, Juventus, and others. While Cristiano Ronaldo was participating in the tournament, the league had 24.7k average views from the stadiums and got over 2 million viewers. Juventus has won the league 36 times, while Inter Milan is the current champion.

6. Major League Soccer

Major League Soccer

The current winners are the Columbus Crew, with the Los Angeles Galaxy having won the competition the most times (five). The average stadium attendance is now 21,310. In recent years, it has averaged about 2 million spectators every game, making it one of the most-watched football leagues in the world.

7. Bundesliga


The Bundesliga is the highest-division professional association football league in Germany. This league was first founded 60 years ago on 24 August 1963. Bayern Munich is the current champion of its league holding the 32nd title. In addition to a global viewership, the league has 43,458 average attendance, making it one of the most well-supported leagues by fans. It also has a viewership of 361,000 for each game and reaches over 1.7 million households.

8. Brasileiro Serie A

Brasileiro Serie A

The Brasileiro Serie A is the Brazilian highest-division professional association football league. This league was first founded 53 years ago in 1973. Palmeiras is the current champion of its league holding the 12th title. Palmeiras is the most successful club, with nine titles, while Flamengo is the current winner. The league has an average attendance of 43,458 and a global viewership of 1.4 million.

9. Eredivisie


The Eredivisie is the Netherlands’ highest-division professional association football league. This league was first founded 68 years ago in 1956. Feyenoord is the current champion of its league holding the 16th title. The average stadium attendance for matches in the Dutch Eredivisie is 18,010, and the league also has a high viewership through broadcasts, with 1.2 million viewers watching the Ajax vs. PSV Eindhoven match recently. However, due to the poor popularity of the other teams, the average viewing is lower.

10. Super League

Super League

The Super League is the highest Indian football league system. This league was first founded 10 years ago in 2010. Mohun Bagan SG is the current champion of its league holding the 1st title. With over a million viewers from across the world, the average stadium attendance of 24,107 persons is the highest in Asia. Jiangsu Suning are the defending winners of the 16-team league.

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