Top 10 African countries with the strongest navy

African navies with a long maritime legacy, play an important role in protecting Africa’s waterways while also contributing to regional security and economic success. Despite confronting several problems, the continent’s navy show perseverance, inventiveness, and drive in managing the complicated maritime scene.

Africa, with its vast coastlines and strategic maritime locations, boasts a rich naval history that is sometimes overlooked on the global stage.

While the continent does not boast the armaments of some of the World’s superpowers, it still has a sizable and capable Navy that continues to deliver its quota in the security affairs of the world.

From ancient maritime civilizations along the Mediterranean to current naval forces protecting trade routes and battling piracy, African fleets play an important role in regional security, economic growth, and international collaboration.

Several African countries have invested in developing their naval capabilities to secure their maritime domains and contribute to regional stability. Countries like South Africa, Nigeria, and Egypt, boast relatively strong naval forces equipped with modern vessels, aircraft, and coastal surveillance systems.

These navies conduct patrols, maritime exercises, and joint operations to safeguard their waters and promote maritime safety and security.

With that said, here are the 10 African countries with the strongest navies, according to Global Firepower, a platform that annually updates statistics of militaries in the world.

The list consider a combination of naval fleet and navy personnel alongside other criteria to suggest which navies are the strongest in Africa.

[th]Naval fleet[/th]
[th]Navy personnel[/th]
[th]Submarine fleet[/th]
[th]Offshore patrol vessel[/th]
1. Egypt 140 32,500 8 42
2. Algeria 213 6,000 6 75
3. Morocco 121 7,800 22
4. Nigeria 133 5,500 109
5. South Africa 47 7,887 3 31
6. Tunisia 52 7,500 36
7. Cameroon 65 1,000 37
8. Angola 40 1,000 38
9. Ghana 27 1,200 27
10. Eritrea 23 1,000 18

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