There was a time he ran from Lagos to his state in Ekiti and wanted to contest guber election – George

There was a time he ran from Lagos to his state in Ekiti and wanted to contest guber election – George


In a recent discourse reported by The SUN, Chief Olabode George, a seasoned political figure and erstwhile Deputy National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), provided insights into the prevailing turmoil within the party in Lagos State, alongside addressing President Bola Tinubu’s entreaty for Nigerians to uphold the nation’s honor and the ensuing contention for the National Chairmanship of the party, among other pertinent issues.

In response to allegations leveled against him regarding purportedly instructing PDP members in Lagos State to cast their votes against the party’s interest during the 2023 general elections, Chief Olabode George conveyed his rebuttal with a seasoned demeanor, dismissing the accusations as baseless and derogatory. With the sagacity of nearly eight decades of existence and a longstanding affiliation with the PDP since its inception, he deemed the accusations as unsubstantiated and beneath dignified engagement. He categorically refuted the assertions as mere fabrications, attributing them to the rhetorical excesses of political discourse.

The seasoned statesman further elucidated his stance by recalling his involvement in the PDP’s internal processes, notably extending support during primary elections to individuals, including the very accuser, whose claims he now rebuffs. Drawing attention to his efforts to foster intra-party harmony, Chief Olabode George highlighted instances where he intervened to mitigate potential conflicts, thereby facilitating a smoother electoral process. His recounting of events served to underscore his commitment to party cohesion and principled leadership.

Expressing disdain for the accusatory tone and the impugning of his character, Chief Olabode George refrained from descending into vitriolic retorts, asserting that such exchanges are symptomatic of the varied personalities encountered in the realm of politics. With a subtle allusion to his military background, he hinted at the discipline and resolve ingrained within him, were the circumstances different. However, he maintained a dignified composure, cognizant of the need to uphold the decorum befitting his stature.

He said: “When did he join us and what has he done? There was a time he ran from Lagos to his state in Ekiti and wanted to contest the governorship election, he came and told me that he was going there and I wished him the best of luck. In the end, when he was beaten silly, he rushed back to Lagos. So, these are not issues that the party has experienced.”

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  1. Bode George you are problem of PDP in Lagos state, you are a cancer to the party, your ward they always defeat you, you every election you go against your party candidate in Lagos state most of the time and you don’t have any political values

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