“The women that look down on men are broke” – Nigerian lady (WATCH)

A Nigerian lady has asserted that most women who talk down on men because of their financial status don’t possess a reliable source of income and are devoted to corrupt practices.

Sharing in the Lagos Men Have Changed podcast on Pulse, the lady claimed that any woman who consistently question a man about his assets is penniless without a source of income; such lady rely on men to survive.

She noted that it is reasonable to compare a man who needs intimacy and a woman who wants money to fund her lifestyle; it is transactional as both parties intend to satisfy their needs with what they can offer.

According to her, nobody has the right to point the accusing finger as both parties are of the same kind enjoying their transactional agreement to satisfy their respective interests.

Viewers has expressed their varying reactions in the comment section, hailing the lady for splitting facts about her fellow women.

See reactions below,

@CFC_Hushbilli Absolutely true and 70% of women out there are broke that is why men must have money before they can stay loyal

@Chainitator Absolutely, na broke girls dey broke shame guys

@ria_adesotu025 Fact and that’s true, they don’t have so they believe any guy they want to date must have and if he doesn’t have they tagged him as broke.

@official_adags Protect this lady at all cost

Watch the video below,

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