The Bitget Africa Naija Challenge: Journey To The Finish Line


The Bitget Africa Naija Challenge: Journey To The Finish Line

On the 11th of December, 2023, one of the biggest trading events in the African crypto space, the Bitget Africa Naija Trade Challenge went live.

Lasting a period of 3 months, from December 2023 to February 2024, the Naija Challenge was an opportunity for the Bitget Africa community to display their trading prowess, ability to stay consistent in the long run, and determination to win.

Rewards for victorious participants included the grand prize of a 3-day fully paid trip to Dubai, a $1000 cash prize, VIP access to Bitget organized crypto conferences, Bitget merchandise, and other cash prizes.

From seasoned traders to newcomers in the crypto market, everyone had a shot at the coveted rewards. It wasn’t going to be an easy ride to the top of the Naija Challenge, but the Bitget Africa community members proved equal to the task.

Let’s delve into the perspectives of some of the winners as they navigated through the challenge.

For Lola Ayeni, the winner of the grand prize 3-day trip to Dubai, the Challenge was a journey of determination. Lola entered the challenge with a clear goal in mind – to win. Her strategy was simple yet effective: give it her all by completing every task diligently. Despite joining the Bitget Africa community midway through the Challenge, Lola seized the opportunity and eventually emerged as one of the top Challengers.

For other winners like Segun Ibis, victory was a rollercoaster ride. Segun was committed to tackling the Challenge head-on. This paid off for him as he became one of 17 winners of the $100 prize. Joining the Bitget Africa community in 2021 proved to be a decision he’d never regret, as it continuously provided avenues for growth and rewards.

The Bitget Africa Naija Challenge

In Stephen Sake’s case, another one of the $100 prize winners, participating in the Challenge was about honing his trading skills and testing his abilities against top traders in the community. It turns out that Stephen was up to the task, as he beat hundreds of other traders to emerge as one of the top 20 Challengers.

The Bitget Africa Naija Challenge

Showcasing resilience and adaptability, Uthman Khan another winner, was initially discouraged by the Challenge. But as soon as he learned that there would be a wide pool of winners, he decided to go for it.

The Bitget Africa Naija Challenge

His winning strategy revolved around active participation in all tasks, particularly excelling in new coin listing challenges. Since joining the Bitget Africa community in 2022, Uthman has been impressed by its commitment to education.


The Naija Trade Challenge showcased the diverse experiences and strategies of its participants, each participant brought a unique perspective to the table. Despite varying backgrounds and approaches, they all shared a common goal – to test their trading prowess and vie for the enticing rewards offered by Bitget Africa.

Through its structured format, diverse rewards, and emphasis on ethical trading, the Naija Trade Challenge fostered competition and facilitated growth within the crypto community. As participants continue their crypto journey, one thing remains certain – the Bitget Africa Naija Challenge was more than just a competition; it was an opportunity for growth, learning, and camaraderie.

The Bitget Africa Naija Challenge: Journey To The Finish Line

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