Singer Teni issues strong warning to those constantly begging her for money

Afrobeats singer Teni has issued a stern warning to people who always beg her for money, telling them to ‘fear God.’

The singer took to her Instagram account on March 19, 2024, calling out “beggars,” whom she humorously referred to as the “Beggars Association.” She told them to do better and refrain from begging all the time.

“Beggars Association of Nigeria, who be una president? I need to talk to your president because Una no get conscience again, Una no fear God,” she began.

She continued, “You go beg pesin for money 3 days ago, come back again two days later to ask again. Am I your mother or father? Did they write your name on my head? Una no dey fear God? Fear God o, beggars association, it’s not good.”

Teni lamented about how the “beggars” lack compassion for her personal welfare. She stressed that they have started requesting donations in other currencies aside from the naira.

She said, “They would call and not even ask ‘how you dey, how’s your life, are you okay?’. They don’t care. Now they don’t even ask for naira again o, na USD and pounds they ask for. Be careful o, even God sef you go ask am and he go tell you make you wait. I’m not God, we’re all human o!”

Similarly in July 2023, legendary Nollywood actor Chinedu Ikedieze, aka Aki, also took to his Instagram to lament about the sorts of messages he received from people begging on the app.

Guys, I dey vex o. I am not happy. This thing is getting out of hand. How can you people turn my DM to Bank of Industry? If I open my DM every time all I see is ‘oga, bros please…please… please…’ Jesus! It is too much. The way you guys dey beg this thing na like say we no get responsibility,” said Aki.

He also requested that they refrain from asking him for money at the time.

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