“She’s the man in the relationship” Reactions as Veekee James sprays wads of cash on her husband

Fashion adesigner Veekee James has received a lot of reactions thanks to her very high-profile wedding.


Following a viral video of herself spreading wads of naira notes knots on her husband, netizens could not help but react at how unusual it looked to see a woman spraying money on her husband on her wedding day.

Some netizens took to expressing that she was the man in the relationship, hence why she felt comfortable enough to do that.

One Mamai Beji had this to say,

“I wish her the best. Every video has been uncomfortable to watch. It is obvious she is the man in the relationship.”

Another person known as Sharp Candy Accessories had this to say,

“They both seem financially okay, but it’s obvious that she has more money.”

Another person known as Spark Love had this to say,

“So she’s the one that married the man? Na waanooo”

Another person known as Mina defended her, stating,

“Before you say rubbish, just remember that nobody loves you.”

One fficial Mary had this to say, “This lady truly loves this man.”

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