Read Dr. Paul Enenche Official Apology Letter To Ms Ayim Veronica Nnenna.

We Regret every Inconvenience, hurt and embarrassment unfortunate scenario has caused to Ms Ayim Nnenna

Dr. Paul Enenche to Ms Ayim Veronica Nnenna.


Netizens Reaction….

@bube – This Letter is still full of Arrogance and the pen used in writing it was dipped in Narcissism

@Ebuka – Dunamis International Gospel Centre

This is a joke rather than an apology.

I read this down and there is no single atom of regret or forgiveness ascertained rather than a baseless reason to prove nothing.

Dr. Paul Enenche should publicly apologize because he was the one that defamed the young woman not dunamis.

If she is to file a lawsuit, she will file against paul enenche not dunamis international.

He should drop his Ego, and practise what he preaches


@orji – You insulted and publicly disgraced a woman in your church

A woman whose offering and tithe was used in building the church

You then commissioned your PA to write this rubbish

You’re feeling to big to apologize

What a pastor

Dr. Paul Enenche , you’re everything inhum@ne

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  1. I know that the lady deserves an apology and that has been done even if it doesn’t meet your expectations let it go. You guys should stop saying rubbish and using this as an opportunity to further criticize the man of God like you always do. We are all humans.
    Thank you.

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