Prices of Fish (Per KG) in Nigeria: Cost of Catfish, Croaker, Others Today – April 3rd, 2024

The fish market in Nigeria is a significant segment of the country’s economy, providing food and employment opportunities to millions.

As of April 3rd, 2024, the fish industry has seen various changes in pricing and demand.

This article aims to address frequently asked questions about the fish market in Nigeria.

How Much is 1kg of Croaker Fish in Nigeria?

The average price per kilogram of croaker fish in Nigeria is ₦5,800.

How Much is 1 Fish in Nigeria?

The price of one fish in Nigeria varies greatly depending on the type and size of the fish. For example, a carton of croaker fish containing 20-26 pieces can range from N58,000 to N89,500.

Catfish and tilapia are the most popular fish species in Nigeria due to their adaptability and taste.

What is the Current Demand for Fish in Nigeria?

The demand for fish exceeds 3.6 million metric tons, but the country can only produce about 1.2 million metric tons.

What is the Most Profitable Fish to Farm in Nigeria?

Catfish and tilapia are considered the most profitable fish to farm in Nigeria.

Which Fish Has the Highest Demand in Nigeria?

Catfish has the highest demand in Nigeria, being the most cultured species in the country.

What is the Most Profitable Fish to Sell?

Tilapia is known to be the most profitable fish to sell due to its fast growth rate and high consumption rate.

What is the Most Profitable Fish to Grow?

Tilapia is also the most profitable fish to grow, not just in Nigeria but globally, due to its high market demand and adaptability.

What is the Most Sold Fish in Nigeria?

Tilapia is one of the most sold fish species in Nigeria, known for its mild flavor and firm, white flesh.

Market Overview

The fish market in Nigeria is diverse, with various species available for consumption. Here’s a quick overview of the market:

Fish Type Price Range (Per KG)
Croaker ₦5,800
Catfish ₦4,800
Tilapia ₦8,600

Note: Prices are subject to change based on market conditions.

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