“Praise God, I’m free” – Moment Hanks Anuku gets healed by Pastor Paul Enenche (Watch)

Renowned Nollywood icon, Hanks Anuku, experienced a profound moment of divine intervention on the eve of Easter, as he received miraculous healing from esteemed preacher, Pastor Paul Enenche, during a powerful ministration at the Glory Dome, Dunamis Church, Abuja.

Anuku, making his inaugural visit to the renowned church, arrived with a severely injured right arm and shoulder, a lingering consequence of a power bike accident he endured two years prior.

The injury had rendered him unable to fully utilize his right arm, hindering his daily activities and causing persistent pain.

However, amidst the fervent ministry and declarations led by Pastor Paul Enenche, the healing power of God descended upon Anuku, touching him profoundly while he sat in the congregation.

Witnesses attested to the miraculous moment as Anuku was visibly transformed, experiencing relief from pain and the restoration of full mobility in his right arm.

In a heartfelt testimony shared from the podium, Anuku joyfully demonstrated the restored function of his arm, showcasing the miraculous transformation he had experienced before the congregation.

The stirring video capturing the extraordinary encounter quickly circulated on social media, evoking a spectrum of reactions from viewers.

While many celebrated the remarkable testimony as a manifestation of divine intervention, others expressed skepticism and questioned the authenticity of the miracle.

Among the responses, social media users shared their personal experiences of blessings received through Pastor Paul Enenche’s ministry, while some pondered the role of faith healing in contrast to conventional medical treatment.

As the debate surrounding faith healing continues, Hanks Anuku’s testimony stands as a poignant testament to the power of faith and the possibility of divine intervention in the face of adversity.

Experience the awe-inspiring moment of healing in the video below:

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