‘People should split the bill 50/50 on dates – but only if the woman wants to’

C. S. Duffy, who is known for her work of romantic fiction, sparked a debate online after she claimed a woman should be the one to decide whether they split the bill on dates

A woman has left people divided after she claimed she was all for people going 50/50 on dates – but that it has to be the woman’s decision to do so.

C. S. Duffy, who is known for her work of romantic fiction, has amassed more than 19,000 followers on social media for sharing her thoughts and opinions on dating. But she recently sparked a debate after she shared her views on people splitting the bill 50/50 when they’re out on a date.

The Scottish author, who resides in Glasgow, claims that she is all for it. But because of the imbalance of home and family obligations in some relationships, she believes it should be up to woman whether she’s willing to.

In the video, which has gained more than 1,600 likes, she said: “Here’s something that will annoy a particular type of man. And I’m not even sorry if you follow me. You already know that I am all about paying your way on dates.

“Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean splitting every single check precisely down the middle or paying for what you had. It’s more of a principle, you know. It could be just as easily.

“You get this one, I’ll get the next one, you know, or we each pay for the dates that we plan. And if one of us chooses and wants to and can afford to plan and pay for more expensive things, that’s absolutely fine.

“But that whole just vibe of being taken out and treated like a princess, it always backfires on women. No number of dinners, tickets, even bills will actually fairly compensate you for a lifetime of all of the domestic responsibility. I’m not even talking about the literal chores.”

She added that being the one who plans every holiday can be “draining” and that “the sheer thought of doing 100% of the childcare makes [her] want to lie down in a darkened room”.

man paying for date in cafe

TikTok viewers were left divided over the clip as they took to the comments to share their opinions. One user said: “In my experience, wealthy men who are ‘spoiling’ you are actually trying to buy your obedience.”

Another added: “Making up a scenario decade in the future to excuse women from paying is a weird flex. I still pay, this is just a weird video.” To which, the author of the Chances Are series cheekily replied: “Hi, particular kind of man.”

A third said: “I always thought it was common for women in the UK to go 50/50 but all of the videos make me now feel that’s just my circle of friends! Anyways, I’m 100% with you.” Meanwhile, someone else penned: “I’ve always wanted a partnership.”

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