Pat Cummins’s wife: Who is Becky Boston?

Pat Cummins’s wife: Who is Becky Boston?

Pat Cummins’s wife: Who is Becky Boston? Pat Cummins, an Australian sprinter, married his long-time girlfriend Beck Boston in Australia, and the wedding ceremony took place in Australia as well. The bride’s name was Beck.

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Pat Cummins has been enjoying a period of great success, not just in his professional life but also in his personal life. He was named captain of the Australian test team just prior to the beginning of the Ashes series, and the team ended up performing quite admirably with him at the helm.

After that, he was successful in guiding his team to triumph in the test series that they played away from home against Pakistan. Additionally, he has some wonderful updates about his personal life to share with you at this time.

Pat Cummins, the captain of the Australian test team, recently tied the knot with Beck Boston, the woman he has loved for a very long time, in an extravagant ceremony.

They didn’t start dating until 2013, and two years later, in 2020, they made the happy announcement that they were engaged. Cummins had previously disclosed that their plans of getting married were delayed due to the Covid pandemic; however, the two of them did eventually tie the knot after the delay in their plans caused by the pandemic.

Becky had previously revealed that Cummins had proposed to her at a picturesque picnic spot in the countryside while the pandemic was in progress.

Becky said that Cummins had popped the question to her while the pandemic was in progress. They have both been photographed quite frequently with one another, and they have been seen together at a number of award ceremonies. In addition, they have both been seen together at various award ceremonies.

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On the other hand, Pat Cummins Cummins is originally from Australia, while Becky Boston was born and raised in the United Kingdom. Becky is an accomplished interior designer, and she currently runs an upscale home furnishings e-commerce website that she handles on her own. The 13th of November, 1990 was the day she entered this world.

The happy event took place in November of 2021, and both of them were able to experience parenthood for the first time. Cummins uploaded a video to his Instagram account in order to inform everyone that their baby son, Albie, had been born.

Because of the same problem, he was kicked out of the IPL 2021 for the second part of the tournament. In addition to this, she maintains a robust presence on Instagram, where she has acquired a following of more than 32,000 users.

According to an article published in the Daily Mail, the wedding was held at Chateau Du Soliel, and in attendance were not only the families of the bride and groom but also their friends and other guests. While Becky wore a flowing white gown with a veil and Cummins wore a black suit for their formal meeting, Cummins wore a suit.

Two years separate Becky Cummins and her sister Pat Cummins when it comes to age. It has been stated that the cost of staying on the property belonging to the venue is approximately $7,000 per night.

A large number of Australian cricket players and their significant others were in attendance at the wedding, including Nathan Lyon, Tim Paine, Mitchell Starc, and a great many others. In recent times, Nathan Lyon has also completed his second marriage, furthering his commitment to the institution of matrimony.


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