Pastor Enenche no mean to yeye NOUN graduate Vera Anyim – Dunamis Church regret action

Dunamis International Gospel Centre don react to one trending viral video wey show as di church senior pastor, Paul Enenche confront one woman wey dey share testimony for di church.

Di Secretary to di Senior Pastor, Sylvester Edoh for one statement say di church “regret every inconvenience, hurt and embarrassment dis unfortunate scenario don cause for Ms Anyim Veronica Nnenna.”

Di statement add say Pastor Enenche dey deeply concerned and don reach out to her.

Di church maintain say di Senior pastor no get intention to hurt or harm di testifier.

Di church maintain say di Senior pastor no get intention to hurt or harm di testifier.

Na on Sunday video begin trend on social media wey show as pastor Enenche tok say di testimony wey one of im member give say she get degree for Law na fake.

Many pipo don react to dis trending video as dem question why di pastor go publicly disgrace di woman like dat. Dem also check, true-true di woman bin just graduate from one University for Nigeria from di faculty of Law.

Wetin really happun?

Tori be say Dr Paul Enenche para for di woman wey testify say she graduate wit Bachelor of Science (BSc) Law degree from di National Open University of Nigeria (Noun).

For one video of di testimony wey dey trend online since Sunday, di video show as di woman wey pipo identify as Vera Anyim dey give testimony for di church altar about how she graduate from University afta many challenges. She say she be di first pesin to graduate for her family.

Anyim tell di congregation say she bin don dey try to enta Noun since 2014 and afta she enta she bin no too dey steady sake of health challenges.

“I wan appreciate God for my life and my family, and I want to thank Gos wey use mummy and Daddy for our sake.

“E happun say I bin don dey try to go school for Noun bifor I join Dunamis.

“E get plenti tins wey dey happun for my family, from my father and mother side nobody be graduate. Dem go only end up for Primary or Secondary school.

She say wen God remember her, “I get job start to work, I come decide say I wan kontinu my education.”

Na from dis point kasala start, di pastor wey dey coordinate testimony remove microphone from her mouth as im try to summarise wetin she don tok.

But Dr Enenche interrupt di testimony coordinator and ask di lady say which certificate she graduate wit.

“Which degree? Which type of Law because Medicine na MBBS” Enenche ask di woman.

“BSc in Law sir” di woman respond. Pastor Paul Enenche say di testimony na lie.

“Dis testimony na lie, notin like BSc in Law, you either get LLB or BL di testimony na lie abeg go back to your seat.” Enenche kontinu to tok as im dey para.

“BSc Law, na so lawyers dey speak English? Abeg anybody wey come dis altar to share testimony wey no be true you dey do am at your own risk, we no dey play for here, we no dey fake anytin for here.”

Pastor Enenche add say wen she start her testimony dey tok about law im know say notin like law dey for Open University.

“No mata how bad e be e neva reach dat level, no lawyer dey get Bsc in law degree” Enenche explain.

Di Church tok why di Senior Pastor call di testimony fake

Dunamis Church statement on Vera Anyim matter

For di statement wey di church release, dem say many tins trigger di pastor action.

Dem say first, di testifier expression no show say she be graduate of Law.

Secondly, she say she study Law for 10 years wey no dey possible.

Thirdly, she no fit tok di correct degree for Law wey be LLB. She call am B.Sc in Law wey no be true for Nigeria and for di world.

Di statement clear am say na dis one make di Senior Paastor, Paul Enenche stop di testimony immediately “as a product of lie.”

E add say relief come wen dem later confam say she actually graduate from university.

“E dey necessary to make am clear say to yeye di testifier publicly wit di plenty media reaction di mata don gada no be wetin di pastor wan do; whatever happun na under di spur of di moment.

“Di action of di Senior Pastor rather dey based on im and di church dislike to anytin wey resemble lie.

How Nigerians react

Many Nigerians chook mouth inside di mata wey begin trend for social media platforms as di viral video begin circulate.

Nigerians dey divided about wetin happun for di church during testimony time.

While some dey support Pastor Paul Enenche as e allege say di woman testimony na lie, odas dey drag as say even hough di woman dey wrong e no suppose allegedly embarrass her or correct her for public like dat.

Anoda set of Nigerians dey support di woman say she dey correct and diafore make Pastor Enenche tender public apology to her.

Meanwhile photos of di woman and her name for di graduation brochure of di National Open University of Nigeria don full social media.

Nigerians dey use dem as evidence to call for public apology from di church to di woman.

Di photos wey dey circulate show as di woman wear graduation gown for dia convocation ceremony on Saturday 14 April, 2024.

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