Palm Wine Tapper Kills Wife Over Alleged Infidelity

A 60-year-old man has allegedly killed his wife over infidelity at Insusiding, a community near Bogoso in the Western Region.

According to sources, the suspect, Agya Kojo Nimo, a palm wine tapper, had been engaging in petty quarrels with his wife for some time.

The quarrels between the two, who had been married for 20 years, stemmed from accusations of cheating.

The sources added that the constant accusations by Agya Nimo pushed Aunty Ama, 50, to return the drinks for their customary marriage back to her husband’s family.

A move that signified the end of their marriage.

However, she returned to the matrimonial home to take care of their children after some time.

On Thursday, April 11, 2024, the palm wine tapper trailed the wife when she went to the farm to harvest cassava.

So some few hours after the wife left, Agya Nimo also went to the same farm, and when he arrived and saw the wife working he allegedly picked up a club and hit the wife’s head with it, the woman fell unconscious.

“The man continued to use the stick to hit the head and other parts of the woman’s body until she reportedly died,” the source narrated.

After committing the crime, he returned home and took a poisonous substance in an attempt to commit suicide.

He later started shouting for help after taking in the substance, attracting some neighbours to the house.

The suspect reportedly confessed to killing his wife and drinking the poisonous substance.

The neighbours rushed him to the Bogoso Hospital, where he is currently receiving treatment.

They later reported the case to the police, who rushed to the farm and conveyed the body of the deceased to the morgue.

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