Nkechi Blessing Threatens To Release ‘Homosexual’ Videos Of Verydarkman

Nkechi Blessing Threatens To Release ‘Homosexual’ Videos Of Verydarkman

Nollywood actress Nkechi Blessing, known for her outspoken nature, has made headlines for issuing a threat against social critic Verydarkman. The controversy arose after Verydarkman described Blessing’s partner Xxssive as homosexual. In response, Blessing warned Verydarkman that she possesses private videos of him, which she threatened to release.

Expressing her displeasure with Verydarkman’s comments about her partner, Nkechi Blessing took to social media to chastise the critic for repeatedly referring to Xxssive as a homosexual. She suggested that Verydarkman’s own experiences with homosexuality may have influenced his derogatory remarks. The actress didn’t hold back, implying that Verydarkman’s alleged past encounters with men led him to unfairly label others in a similar manner.


Blessing escalated the situation by retaliating against Verydarkman’s statements. She made shocking allegations, claiming that Verydarkman once engaged in sexual acts with another man in exchange for money. This accusation aimed to undermine Verydarkman’s credibility and reputation, as well as to defend her partner from the criticism directed at him.


In a further attempt to counter Verydarkman’s remarks, Blessing asserted her possession of incriminating videos depicting him in compromising situations. These videos allegedly show Verydarkman engaging in inappropriate behavior involving his genitalia. By threatening to release these videos, Blessing intended to retaliate against Verydarkman’s comments and potentially tarnish his public image.

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