Nigerian lady ends up alone after declining the offer to study abroad because of her boyfriend

A Nigerian man has shared via X (Twitter) how a lady ended up alone after declining an offer to study abroad because of her boyfriend.

The man shared the heartbreaking story of the lady while advising netizens on why they should choose themselves and be selfish with their goals.

He revealed the man whom she chose over studying in abroad abandoned her, married somebody else, and currently works overseas.

His post read; “I know someone who declined the offer to study abroad because of boyfriend, right now boyfriend is working abroad and married and she is here alone. Learn to choose yourself and be selfish about your goals.”

While the majority felt pity for the young lady who is currently alone, others advised people to learn to prioritize themselves

Below are some of the comments,

@ebonysarah88: That’s why I keep repeating it ‘Yourself should always come first’ Please

@Absolutelyagrred:  Prioritizing self-growth and ambitions is crucial-It’s essential to make decisions based on personal dreams and aspirations rather than solely on relationships.

@Vboss_13: She should have thought of herself first but no, she chose a man over her own future.

@Postbypeter: When you make a decision regarding your growth, you make it based on what you wish to see in yourself in few years, explain your career with your partner, If he/she loves you. He will agree with you.

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