Mummy Zee dragged to filth over response to missing person post


The viral sensationalist, Mummy Zee comes under fire after making a supposed insensitive comment on a post about a man who went missing.

It would recalled that some weeks ago, the mother of one became a beneficiary of millions of naira from well-meaning Nigerians after declaring how she wake to cook for her husband.

In a recent post via the microblogging platform, X, an individual, @HasanSZNN called out for help about a mutual, Tobywood, declaring him missing.

He was last seen on Wednesday morning. His brother left him at home before leaving for work, they live together. Nobody has been able to reach him ever since. His phone has been switched off ever since. I’m really confused and I don’t know what to do anymore. This is a call for help. Please help me find Tobi pleaseeee ,” he wrote.

In a now-deleted response, Mummy Zee quoted the post, reflecting on how her husband had nudged her to reach out to the same individual over some furniture.

“Lord have mercy, my husband just reminded me to call him o as he hasn’t brought the table and chair we’re expecting. God please keep him safe,” she wrote.

Her response has since stirred a wave of reactions from other users who suggested that her priority was furniture.

Reactions trailing Mummy Zee over response to missing person post

Babatundejr30 said: “The only thing mummy zee knows only is her husband hmm .”

ObotOwouko noted: “This will go down as the most expensive misunderstood tweet.”

Hexemty1 penned: “I have come to realize that the Mummy Zee’s tweet about ‘the missing Tobi’ was misinterpreted. Thus, if you’re among the people who’ve misinterpreted and critized her over the tweet in question, retract and apologize to her appropriately. C’est fini.”

xchi3aram wrote: “Mummyzee’s d!ck riders are stoopid ash. If mummyzee was right,why did she delete it after all? They’re looking for a missing person and all mummy zee is worried about is a table and chair she’s expecting from the person.

ONsogbu penned: “Someone is missing but Mummy Zee cares so much for her table and chairs…She has deleted it though.”


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