“Mr Korra Obidi, come out with the person that said I slept with her fiancée whilst pregnant”— Korra Obidi dares ex-husband

Sensational dancer, Korra Obidi clears her name of the allegations made by her ex husband, Dr Justin Dean of her cheating with someone else when she was pregnant for Athena, their second child.

She went on live as is her ritual on her Facebook page to debunk this claim by her ex husband whom she tags a ‘desperado’ because he according to her, was using her to stay relevant.

Korra states that the father of her children is an attention seeker who cannot bear not being in the spotlight. Justin Dean, she said used the best time of her time when she was birthing Athena to announce a divorce two years ago.

In addition to what she said, she has evidence of the doctor rather cheating on her when they were together that he infected her in her pregnancy and had to take antibiotics.

The mother of two lay claims to the nude and intimate pictures of other women in her ex husband phone which he said were his clients.

She begs her fans not to be swayed by the slander her ex keeps making every time against her and dared him to produce the said friend whom he mentioned of her having sex with the fiancee.

Korra Obidi asserts that the chats he showed were doctored and fake and he should bring facts and proofs.

Who do you think is lying between the both of them, Korra or Dr Dean?



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