Mixed Reactions As Nigerian Man In Canada Celebrates His First Auto Mobile Purchase, An Electric Bicycle (VIDEO)

A Nigerian man residing in Canada has taken to social media to share his joy over acquiring his first vehicle – a brand new electric bicycle.

The TikTok user, identified as @ironmoney06, recently relocated to Canada and expressed his overwhelming happiness at this purchase

In his video, the Nigerian man proudly unveiled the unboxing of his new electric bicycle, which he proudly stated cost him $2,000 (approximately 2.3 million Nigerian Naira).

The electric bicycle, which serves as the man’s first vehicle in Canada, has become a source of celebration for him.

Bursting with excitement, he shared the news on the video-sharing platform, inviting his fellow netizens to join in his joy.

The video quickly gained traction and has since gone viral, eliciting a mixed response from viewers.

Many have expressed their congratulations and delight in seeing the Nigerian man achieve this milestone, recognizing the importance of this acquisition, while others offer differing perspectives.

As the video continues to circulate, it as undeniably captivated the attention of netizens online, leading to various reactions from viewers and users alike.

Here are some reaction from viewers:

Phellype reacted: “Congratulations bro..na step by step.. Nothing pass mobility.”

KO SI  reacted : “No be small money bro.”

SirVin reacted: “Congratulations bro May God continue to bless ur hustle.”

mickymillz reacted: “Hopes the amount you bought is not the same amount with small car.”


Watch the video below:

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