Man creates scene after coming out of bank to find out his bike ‘disappeared’ from premises

A bank customer whose bike was stolen at GTB lju Road, Fagba, Lagos state created a tearful scene at the entrance of the bank.

In a video shared on TikTok by @adekunlepstar he stayed at the entrance of the bank and broke down in tears while narrating his ordeal.

It was gathered that the man had come to the bank for a transaction and was given directives by security to park his bike well, which he did.

After his transaction in the bank, he came out to realise that his bike had been stolen. He reported it to the bank, they checked their CCTV and found out that it was indeed stolen.

However, it has been two weeks since his bike was stolen and nothing has been done about it by the bank, hence his outburst.

The video was captioned:

“This man came to GTBank lju Road, Fagba, Lagos state to transact inside the bank and he was asked to park his bike okada very well and when he got outside the bike was stolen and they checked through their CCTV and see that it was actually stolen and since 2weeks now he didn’t hear anything from the bank.”

@praizeprint reacted: “I feel this man pain but is at owners risk if you park in any organization. he shld take it easy.”

@comitex reacted: “How can bike leave d premises of d bank how.”

@muibabe said: “They must give him another bike o.”

Johnson reacted: “Na so una dey do for here.”

Ridwanullahi Orilowo said: “Gtbank na wrong bank now.”

@user6387278282313 reacted: “My dear na wrong place ooo hmmm if you see within this Bank do me my God will paid tham back.”

Olalekan Olaniyan23 said: “Dont worry people will come to your aid soon in not for anything but being a responsible man ..i feel u bro.”

Watch the video below:

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