Man caught trying to smuggle snakes on plane

Thanks to advanced technology, Miami airport security detained a passenger who tried to smuggle live reptiles hidden in his pants.

The airport’s security systems responded to the “anomaly” detected on the man’s body. After a search, the traveller admitted to hiding a bag with snakes in his pants. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) released photos of two small pink snakes removed from a purse.

The animals were safely transferred to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. The police, customs services and border patrol were called to the scene.

A TSA spokesman told The Independent the man planned to take an international flight. “He basically admitted there were snakes in his pants when the alarms went off,” the spokesman added.

This is not the first such case in Florida. In January 2023, TSA agents in Tampa found a four-foot boa constrictor hidden in the bag of a passenger who claimed it was an “emotional support animal.”

While such incidents are not “common,” they demonstrate how advanced technology helps keep airports safe.

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