Lady shares how a woman almost lost her life after a so-called man of God told her not to visit the hospital

A Nigerian lady has shared via the microblogging platform X, how a lady almost lost her life after her pastor asked her not to go to the hospital for a health issue.

Sharing in a tweet on the platform she revealed that the pastor told the lady she was pregnant but what she had was a tumor on her ovary.

She also added that it took a radiologist who attends the same church as the patient to notice that her protruding stomach wasn’t normal.

Her tweet read;

“Prayer is important, but please always visit the hospital too and check with an expert. This woman was told she was pregnant and made to suffer for two years when all she had was a condition called mutinous ovarian cystadenoma. A so-called man of God in her locality, stopped her from visiting the hospital, that she is pregnant and that anytime she goes to the hospital she might die. Thank God it was at the same church, God used a radiologist who worships also in the church to save her life. The radiologist took her to the hospital where he works and scanned her and saw what was wrong. Thank God she had a successful surgery and She’s recovering well now This was the massive cyst removed from her stomach.

See tweets below,

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