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Quick Facts

Born Kevin Stratvert; 1983, New York City, United States
Nationality American
Education Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
Occupation YouTuber; previously worked at Microsoft
YouTube channel ‘Kevin Stratvert’
Years active on YouTube 2015-present
Genre Technology
Subscribers 2.74M
Net worth Undisclosed
Partner Kerry Stratvert (married)
Residence Seattle, Washington, United States
Instagram Link

Kevin Stratvert is a well-known YouTuber for education. His own YouTube channel has almost 2.7 million subscribers.

How much is the Net worth of Kevin Stratvert?

There is no exact information about the net worth of Kevin Stratvert in 2024 but it is estimated to be in the millions of dollars.

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Bio, Age, Nationality, Parents, Siblings and Education

Born in New York City, United States, in 1983, Kevin Stratvert grew up in Morristown, New Jersey. Bruce Stratvert is his father, and Renate Stratvert is his mother. Steven Stratvert is Kevin’s brother.

Although Kevin played basketball as a child, he developed an interest in computers after his father purchased a household computer. He played computer games like “Transport Tycoon” and “SimCity” a lot as a child, and these taught him a lot about the power of compounding, which helped him later in his ventures.

Education: High School and University

Kevin graduated from Morristown High School in New Jersey in 2002. The following year, he enrolled at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor’s Stephen M. Ross School of Business to pursue a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). Kevin studied business here with a minor in German. He received a High Distinction diploma in 2006.

A Young Entrepreneur:

Kevin developed an interest in the internet while still in middle school. AOL was the leading internet provider at the time, and the web was expanding quickly due to a large number of individuals going online.

Since there were no social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube back then, people used to create their own websites as a means of self-expression. After becoming enthralled with websites and web pages, Kevin started developing websites for nearby companies in the late 1990s after starting his own website.

He eventually came to the realization that, although he was getting paid a one-time charge by clients to put up websites, he would not receive ongoing money from them. As a result, he made the decision to launch a web hosting business in order to generate ongoing revenue.

Kevin Stratvert Photo Via Unlimited Net Worth

Thus, in October 1999, while still a high school student, Kevin founded his web hosting business,, in Morristown.

He began with just a few clients and gradually attracted a large clientele from all over the world. In addition, others began to resell on his behalf, and his company never looked back. At the time, “” had 120 clients and generated $24,000 in revenue and $16,000 in profit annually.

Kevin gained exposure to both the technical and business aspects of running a web hosting company. He acquired his own server and housed the accounts on it, handled marketing and bookkeeping, and placed advertisements in The New York Times and other alumni magazines.

After managing the business for six years and ten months, he sold it to his friend in July 2006. Kevin formerly had four blogs: “Hail to the Victors,” “Unlimited Net Worth,” “Sheet Music Hits,” and “Kevin’s Wolverine Fan Page.”

Honing Skills

Kevin discovered via operating his web hosting firm that he enjoyed both the technical and commercial elements of running a company.

He decided to pursue a BBA at the University of Michigan as, at the time, he was more interested in business. Kevin enrolled in technical courses at the university, including database and C++ courses.

Professional Career of Kevin Stratvert: Meeting Bill Gates

He was employed as an Operations Management Intern at Spedition-Lühmann GMBH in Cuxhaven, Germany, from June to July 2004.

Kevin sent his résumé to Microsoft after noticing the company was doing interviews while he was an undergraduate student. He had to go through the marketing interview, but his background with “” helped him.

Kevin Stratvert - YouTube
Kevin Stratvert YouTube Video Thumnail. Via YouTube

Between his junior and senior years of college, Kevin worked as an intern at Microsoft in Redmond, Washington, from May to August of 2005, handling a range of assignments. He received an invitation to Bill Gates’ Medina, Washington, home with a view of Lake Washington, along with about fifty other interns, when he was working as a Microsoft intern.

Here, they had supper and Kevin had the opportunity to visit and talk with Bill Gates at his home. August 2006, the year he graduated from college, he started working for Microsoft in Redmond as an Associate Product Manager, handling PR, Link (later renamed Microsoft Teams), and Managed Exchange Server.

Kevin spent a total of fourteen years working with Microsoft in a variety of capacities, including senior product manager, global process manager, search account manager, and product manager II.

YouTube Channel:

He saw that most individuals at Microsoft required to wear an IT hat while he was a full-time product manager. Additionally, they were asked to use complex programs and new software tools, which overwhelmed the staff and occasionally even Kevin.

He therefore saw a chance to inform others about these tools; prior to this, he had already given his coworkers personal explanations of the tools. Kevin came to the realization that educating individuals one-on-one isn’t practical, so he made the decision to create tech films because they are a great teaching tool, scalable, and widely accessible.

He created his own YouTube channel on January 8, 2007, and at initially posted odd videos there. On September 20, 2016, he released his first lesson video, “How to Use Your Phone as a Mic.” His videos were getting only a few hundred views at first, but he kept going since he enjoyed instructing others.

Did he left Microsoft to become a YouTuber?

Kevin used to read “The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon” and follow Jeff Bezos while he was employed at Microsoft. He learned about “The Regret Minimization Framework,” which promotes following one’s dreams by imagining oneself in their seventies and having no regrets when looking back on life, while reading this book.

Kevin was immediately drawn to this idea. Just like in high school, he launched a web hosting company, built it from the ground up to serve over a hundred clients, and enjoyed the process. He believed that he would come to regret not starting a business in his eighties if he didn’t do so.

He enjoyed his job at Microsoft, but he was even more in love with the ownership attitude of operating his own company. Kevin made the decision to work on his YouTube channel full-time and grow it as a business.

He thus made the decision to become an entrepreneur once more and grow his company beyond his prior web hosting company. He used to devote 80% of his time to Microsoft while working at Microsoft, and just 20% of his time was spent on his YouTube channel, which he worked on Sunday nights and on weekday evenings.

Microsoft Alumni Network - Upskilling the masses
Kevin Stratvert Photo Via Microsoft Alumni Network

However, Kevin was making more money from his YouTube channel than he was from his day job. He made the decision to expand his channel even further by turning into a full-time YouTuber.

Kevin decided to become a full-time YouTuber and quit his job at Microsoft on July 17, 2020. Given that he had a number of advantages—his wife had a job at Microsoft, he had made wise investments and savings, and he had previously had employment offers from Facebook and Google—he felt secure in his choice.

Kevin developed software and products to aid people when he was employed at Microsoft, but he also enjoyed helping people more personally through his YouTube channel.

How did Kevin Stratvert become Successful?

He has 2.74 million subscribers to his own YouTube channel, 1 million Instagram followers, and 313 thousand Facebook page followers as of February 2024.

Kevin makes money through a number of different channels, including sponsorships, affiliate marketing, selling the “Excel for Beginners” course, and commercials and “Super Thanks” on YouTube. He’s got a webpage.

Kevin was highlighted by GeekWire, CNBC, Windows Central, and Fast Company. He made his million at thirty-three. Kevin hasn’t disclosed his net worth as of yet, but his site, “Unlimited Net Worth,” claims that his investments, bank account, and condo contributed to his $1,000,378.46 net worth as of January 2017.

Who is the Wife of Kevin Stratvert?

Kerry is Kevin’s spouse. At Microsoft, Kerry Stratvert holds the position of Principal PM Manager. In May 2014, he proposed to her at Seattle, Washington’s Discovery Park.

Kevin Stratvert with his child. Via Instagram

There are two kids in this couple. Kevin, who resides in Seattle, Washington in the United States, loves the television program Shark Tank. He speaks German, French, and English, making him a polyglot.

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