I’ve regained memory, getting better- Zack Orji

“When they (doctors) brought me out, the first question I asked was, ‘What day is it?”

Veteran Nollywood actor Zack Orji has shared a heartening update regarding his health.

Orji, currently in the United Kingdom (UK) for a post-surgery assessment, was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit of the National Hospital in Abuja on New Year’s Eve after he collapsed in his house.

In an interview with Channels TV on Thursday, the actor recalled how he fell ill and provided a recovery update.

The 63-year-old actor stated that before he underwent successful brain surgeries, he lost his memory.

“It was my wife who told me that they (those who visited him in the hospital) came, but immediately after the surgery, when they (doctors) brought me out, the first question I asked was, ‘What day is it?’ My wife said they had started wishing everybody Happy New Year.

“I need time to recover because there were stitches done on my head with bandages and other stuff. It took me quite a while to recover. I feel alright; my memory is back, and I can recognise people.”

Death rumour

On 28 March, there were speculations that he died following the death of veteran actor Amaechi Muonagor.

The actor said his death rumour was a falsehood from the depths of hell, adding that it was the rumour instigators that died, not him.

He said he wouldn’t waste his time accusing them because he has more important things to do with his life and time.

”I don’t know who originated that lie. I called it a lie from the pit of hell that they, not myself, had passed away, and I saw it and started receiving all kinds of calls, even from people I had not heard from for years. Most were just concerned; they wanted to find out if it was true,” he said.

Social media

He said his death rumour was fabricated by reckless and callous individuals who relied on spreading fake news to boost their social media presence.

“I can only say that sometimes social media has made people so reckless and callous to the point of spreading fake news just to grow their pages.

“The death rumour which the person did happen at a time when we have lost some of our colleagues, like the late Amaaechi Muonagor. He had just passed away when someone started spreading that lie about me,” the actor said

The actor thanked God it wasn’t his time to die, maintaining that his life was in God’s hands, the keeper of lives.


Mr Orji appreciated the Actor Guild of Nigeria (AGN) ‘s proactive support during his health challenges.

He lauded the AGN President, Emeka Rollas, who visited him at home and in the hospital.

Before the actor’s departure to the UK, Rollas revealed the actor underwent two brain surgeries and required post-surgery evaluation overseas-

On 2 January, AGN’s National Secretary, Abubakar Yakubu, said the actor’s health improved.

Yakubu said the actor, who was initially unable to walk or talk upon admission, had begun speaking.

On 1 January, First Lady Remi Tinubu and the Vice President’s wife, Nana Shettima, visited him at the hospital.

In 2022, during the lead-up to the February 2023 general elections, the actor made headlines when he declared support for President Bola Tinubu, the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate.

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