IPL 2024 Umpires Names List And Salary

IPL 2024 Umpires Names List And Salary

Indian Premier League (IPL) mostly features umpires and officials from India, with a couple of them coming from overseas. Some of the most popular names in the IPL’s umpire history will be Anil Chaudhary, Rod Tucker, and Nitin Menon, among others. Below we provide the list of the umpires’ names, origin, and salary.

Name Country Salary Per Match
Anil Chaudhary India 1,98,000.00 INR
Nitin Menon India 1,98,000.00 INR
Chris Gaffaney New Zealand 1,98,000.00 INR
KN Ananthapadmanabhan India 1,98,000.00 INR
Bruce Oxenford Australia 1,98,000.00 INR
Rod Tucker Australia 1,98,000.00 INR
Virender Sharma India 1,98,000.00 INR
Yeshwant Barde India 1,98,000.00 INR
Nand Kishore India 1,98,000.00 INR
Ulhas Gandhe India 1,98,000.00 INR
Jayaraman Madanagopal India 1,98,000.00 INR
Michael Gough England 59,000.00 INR
Nikhil Patwardhan India 59,000.00 INR
Tapan Sharma India 59,000.00 INR
Saiyed Khalid India 59,000.00 INR
Navdeep Singh India 59,000.00 INR
Sadashiv Iyer India 59,000.00 INR
Rohan Pandit India 59,000.00 INR
Vinod Seshan India 59,000.00 INR
MV Saidharshan Kumar India 59,000.00 INR
Akshay Totre India 59,000.00 INR

What Time Will Tata IPL 2024 Matches Start?

According to some sources, Tata IPL matches will start regularly at 7:30 p.m. (IST). On doubleheader days, the first match of the day is set to start at 3:30 PM IST. The opening match between CSK and RCB will start at 8:00 PM IST.

Where To Watch IPL 2024?

As per the reports, Star Network has acquired the rights to broadcast all the matches of IPL 2024. All the Star Network channels telecast the match, but only the “Star Utsav Movies” channel is available for free on local dishes.

Viewers can also watch Tata IPL 2024 for free on Doordarshan/DD channels, the public service broadcaster of the Government of India, or you can also watch all the matches of Tata IPL 2024 for free on the “Jio Cinema application“.

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