I was Dating This Guy but When I Got Pregnant For Him, This Happened

I was dating this guy but when I got pregnant for him, his parents forced him to deny the pregnancy and then sent him to the United States leaving me with the pregnancy.

Two months later, I met another guy who decided to be with me even with someone else’s pregnancy. He supported me all through pregnancy and after giving birth, he enrolled me in a training centre and paid for it all. It’s been 5 years since we’ve been together, my whole family knows him.

Now the problem is, my baby daddy is back. He has apologized to me, and he is ready to take me back with his child. I must confess I’m still in love with him. He planned to take us to the States with him which is an opportunity for us. I want to go back with him but I’m afraid to hurt the other guy. How do I make him understand that he won’t feel betrayed and hurt?

He indeed made a lot of sacrifices for me, and it feels sad to be selfish but honestly, he is not my type.

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