I slumped in the bathroom and passed out for 5hrs before help came, I am alive by God’s grace – Zack Orji

Zack Orji, a veteran actor in the Nigerian film industry, has said that he had a terrifying health event in which he collapsed to the ground in his own home.

In a video that was uploaded to YouTube not too long ago by Channels TV, Orji disclosed that he had two brain surgeries in Nigeria after he collapsed in the loo. In light of the fact that he had been asleep for five hours prior to the arrival of assistance, he credited his survival to the favour of God. His friend Bala Ahmed, who was in the United Kingdom at the time, received calls from concerned people who were unable to reach him. He claimed that, during his ordeal, Bala Ahmed received these calls.

According to Orji, Afterwards, Ahmed made contact with another coworker named Benedict Johnson, who hurried to Orji’s residence in Abuja and discovered him lying unconscious on the ground beneath him. Apparently, Johnson and another actor by the name of Labister were the ones who brought him to the hospital.

In Orji’s words: “I slumped in the bathroom and passed out for 5 hours before help came, I am alive by God’s grace. Incidentally, my friend Bala Ahmed was in the UK at the time and people called him to say ‘We have been knocking upon his door since morning and we have not been receiving any response’, so he called another colleague, Benedict Johnson who rushed to the house and I was there on the floor incoherent. I could not even stand because when he raised me, I slumped again and he had to call another colleague whom we call Labister, and the two of them lifted me and took me to the hospital”.

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