“I refused to buy maternity clothes” – Rihanna speaks on her choice of dressing during pregnancy

Barbadian singer and businesswoman, Robyn Rihanna Fenty better known as Rihanna speak about her choice of dressing during pregnancy.

Discussing in an interview with BBC News, the singer disclosed that she just refused to buy maternity clothes; which is popular among pregnant women. She noted that she opt for whatever fits to challenge her idea of fashion.

The fashion entrepreneur, who has two sons with American rapper, A$AP Rocky emphasized that she finds pleasure in transforming the choice of dressing as a pregnant mum. She was notable for wearing outfits that reveal her baby bump.

Two years of being pregnant with her two sons challenged her to approach her fashion style in a clever manner. She enjoyed creating her own style during the two years of being pregnant.

She pointed out that dealing with pregnancy was similar to fashion because she decided to do it in her way.

She explained that

 “I approached it like everything else I approach with fashion, I just want to do things my way, I just want to switch it up and put my own twist on it, But I just refused to buy maternity clothes…whatever fits is what’s going to work and that made me challenge myself to get clever with style”

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