How can Govt allow 2 persons to be in charge of production and sale of cement to 300M people–Nabena

Former Deputy National Organising Secretary, Yekini Nabena, renowned for his outspoken and independent-minded approach to politics, shared his candid views on various political issues in an interview with The SUN in Abuja.

When questioned about the performance of the ruling APC, which will mark nine years in power in two months, Nabena did not mince words. He acknowledged that while the current administration is still in its infancy, the persistence of entrenched interests and powerful individuals poses a formidable challenge to meaningful change. Nabena expressed skepticism about the government’s ability to effect transformative change given the continued influence of vested interests who perceive governance as their exclusive domain.


Turning his attention to the economic sphere, Nabena lamented the monopolistic stranglehold maintained by a select few over key sectors such as cement production. He highlighted the adverse effects of this monopoly on competition and economic growth, citing the example of Dangote, whom he accused of monopolizing the cement industry to the detriment of consumers. Nabena criticized Dangote’s business practices, asserting that his dominance stifles competition and innovation.

He said: “In terms of the economy, we still have the same cabal controlling and dictating the growth of the economy, otherwise, how can the government allow two persons to be in charge of the production and sale of cement to 300 million people in Nigeria? The monopoly will never give room for competition.”

Nabena also cast aspersions on Dangote’s foray into the oil refining sector, alleging that the establishment of the Dangote refinery serves to perpetuate the status quo rather than foster genuine economic development. He accused Dangote and similar entities of undermining the government’s efforts to promote transparency and accountability in the oil sector.

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