“He said it was rude” – Lady shares her admirer’s reaction after she told him that she shares her live location with friends and family

A post that was shared on the microblogging platform X has generated different reactions and comments from netizens.

The lady had shared her admirer’s response after she told him that she shares her live location with her family and friends.

According to her tweets, the man tagged her as rude and appeared upset after learning that she shared her live location.

Her tweets read;

“Went to hang out with this guy last night just on some chill, friendly shit. Everything was going so well. All of a sudden he asks “Do you be sharing your location?” Immediately taken aback, I was like “Yeah, all my friends have it.” He then proceeded to go on a ten-minute rant about how it was rude that I would do that because now those people knew where he lived and what his address was. He then further explains how he has his mama and sister’s location, and how he always tracking them trying to see where they at, and apparently, that’s “exactly what my friends are doing to me right now with his address.” He was VERY upset. I got SO SCARED. My heart started beating fast and I got up and RAN to my car. LITERALLY RAN. Knees to chest. I left my bottle and everything What made it so bad is that this conversation was immediately after I had mentioned that I probably shouldn’t take anymore shots because then I wouldn’t be able to drive home. Then you ask me if I’m sharing my location and get mad when the answer is YES?! Oh nawwwwww.

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